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Windsor Dental has a team of cosmetic dentistry experts ­who are here to enhance your smile.

There are a number of different tooth alignment products we use to give you the perfect, straight toothed smile. Every smile is unique and every patient has their own requirements. Book a free consultation with one of our dental experts or read on to understand which products we use to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Invisible braces are one of the most popular teeth straightening treatments available, and Windsor Dental is proud to be Invisalign treatment providers. Invisalign straightens teeth through a set of invisible ‘aligners’. These are clear moulds of the teeth that are replaced every two weeks to gradually move them into the correct position. Invisalign braces are nearly invisible, are custom made for the patient’s teeth, and they are comfortable and removable, meaning there is no disruption to your life whilst you achieve your perfect smile.

Cfast Braces

We are a Platinum Provider of Cfast and have also recently been recognised as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Cfast. Cfast braces give amazing results for our patients and they do so in the quickest and most discreet way possible.

Cfast concentrates on straightening the teeth that we call the ‘social six’. These are the teeth that you can see when you smile, and are therefore the ones that have the most effect on your appearance.

Cfast Clears

The Clear Brace is made from tooth coloured wire and clear brackets. This is placed on the front surface of the teeth. They are very discreet and cannot be noticed unless you are very close up.

Cfast Hidden Braces

Cfast straightens what are known as the front six teeth which make up your visible smile, also known as, ‘’the social six’’. Using a tooth-coloured wire and clear brackets, it gently strengthens your teeth to give you a restored, healthy and beautiful smile in six months or less.

The braces are fixed to the back of your teeth rather than the front, making them the ideal way to strengthen and straighten your teeth in secret. We are a premium Cfast provider.

Inman Aligner

A single retainer that is ideal for crowding, protrusions or teeth that cross, the cost-effective Inman Aligner can move your front teeth to an ideal position in a matter of weeks.

Cfast Invisible

Then there is the Invisible Brace, also called a “lingual” brace which is attached to the inner surface of the tooth, inside the mouth. This means that they cannot be seen at all as they are hidden behind your teeth. With these braces your smile transforms in secret.

One of our wonderful Cfast patients is Ross who plays Scott in Hollyoaks. We have fitted him with a Cfast Invisible Lingual Brace so that he could perfect his smile while he is filming, without it affecting his appearance.

Some of our patients need more intensive braces which re align all of the teeth in the mouth, for example to rectify an overbite. The treatment plan we create is completely bespoke to each patient’s teeth, so if an advanced orthodontic with brackets is needed we also fit Delta Force orthodontic products along with other premium providers of orthodontics. Clinica MCR are also providers of Inman Aligners, which are another alternative to fixed braces. The difference between these aligners and the likes of Invisalign or Cfast is that there is only one retainer required, and can straighten your front teeth within a matter of weeks.

If you are unhappy with your teeth and you’d like to speak to the experts, please do get in touch and book your free consultation today. Call us today and bring your smile back.


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